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Transparent High Barrier Film (Type: EBD)

The Ester transparent high barrier film Type EBD offers high transparency and oxygen barrier which results in a higher shelf life and attractive visual appearance of the package.

This high barrier film is available in various versions viz. OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) ranging from 0.5 to 8 cc/ m2/day. The WVTR (Water Vapour Transmission Rate) barrier is typically provided by the associate substrates used in the lamination structure like Polyethylene (PE), etc. It is suitable for both solvent based as well as solvent less lamination and can be printed with Polyurethane (PU) and Vinyl based printing inks.

The Ester transparent High Barrier Film is a good substitute for traditional transparent barrier films like AlOx / SiOx /PVDC Coated and EVOH coextruded films, in terms of its value proposition for flexible packaging. The commercial value proposition is available on request. This film conforms to EC directives, REACH specifications and US FDA regulations for food contact application.

  • Superior barrier properties
  • Excellent transparency & surface gloss.
  • High flex crack resistance.
  • Offers high bond strength / adhesion.
  • Chlorine free barrier film.