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Carpet Industry

Polyester fiber is one of the majorly used synthetic fibers used in the carpet manufacturing. In its earlier years, it had a bad reputation for being of poor quality. However, in recent years, polyester fiber quality has been improved significantly. It has its advantages and can represent an excellent value for certain applications. The key advantages, when polyester is used to manufacture carpet, are good process-ability, recyclability, durability, good stain resistant, improved resiliency, and cost effective.

Ester offers a unique cost-effective solution for the carpet industry, which is a PET based Masterbatch that imparts permanent stain resistance in nylon carpets. The current technology being used for stain resistance is either "Sulphonated nylon" or "Topical coating". While the use of Sulphonated nylon suffers from high cost and inflexibility in usage, Topical coating suffers due to wash fastness & longevity. Ester's master batch provides total flexibility to producers of "nylon yarns for carpets" to adjust the content of the active ingredient for stain resistance to their specific need, thereby reducing the cost as well as providing total flexibility in the production process.

We continuously endeavor to improve the performance of polyester by making it more durable than ever before. Our higher-end polyesters give carpet manufacturers a sense of confidence that their final products will be long-lasting. In addition, we ensure that our materials are cost competitive which also helps in building long-term relationships with our clients.