Markets Served

Home & Personal Care

Today we use a wide range of home and personal care products which have become an integral part of our daily lives. These products include soaps, wet wipes, shampoo & oil sachets, perfume (bottles), creams and many others. Packaging here plays a key role in branding, brand recognition & shelf appeal. Ester not only offers great flexible options from polyester films such as barrier Metallized Ultra High Barrier, Transparent High Barrier Film, Shrink Film, Heat Seal , Matte and rigid options from specialty polymers such as EBM grade PET in home & personal care packaging.

We constantly strive to help retailers, OEMs, and packaging suppliers to manage costs, package products in ways that enhance shelf-life, reduce tampering and counterfeiting and showcase products in an appealing manner.

Our R&D experts work closely with you to understand your requirements and recommend suitable flexible and rigid packaging solutions that will provide the properties which you require in your products. We offer to customize our PET resins as per our customer's requirement.