Product Lines

Packaging Application

Polyethylene terephthalate, popularly known as PET is clear, transparent, light weight, good gas barrier, recyclable, and suitable for food and packaging application. This property of PET has influenced its uses and has spread its presence from kitchen to multi-specialty hospitals. At present PET materials are being used across all sectors.

Water bottles, juice, carbonated soft drinks (CSD), PET bottles have been used in many forms and for multiple purposes. For the first time plastic bottles were used commercially in 1947 and until the early years of 1960s, it remained comparatively expensive to use such bottles. Almost after one decade, in the early years of 1970s, first PET bottle came into use and now it has become a household name.

Our PET resins have good gas barrier, impact strength, light-weight and good process-ability. Ester with its state-of-the-art technology and innovative manufacturing processes offers polyesters and co-polyesters resin as Specialty Polymers which can be molded in any shape, size, and look.

Cost effectiveness, high performance, and eco-friendly nature of PET makes it one of the most favored material over other conventional materials.

Specialty polyesters developed by Ester

  • PET for Hot Fill applications/improved hot wash/ beer kegs– ESPET HR series
  • PET for Barrier applications – ESPBN
  • PET for Extrusion Blow Molding – ESPET HMS
  • All the grades can be made by using virgin/recycled PET