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Metalized High Barrier Film (Type: LIMH)

The Ester Metallised High Barrier Film, Type LIMH is a metallized film where one side is metallized on a chemical surface. It exhibits superior barrier properties along with an equally superior metal bond strength to the film.

This film is specially designed to preserve products such as Ketchup, Snacks, Dairy whitener, malt based products or other aggressive fillings. This film provides high barrier against humidity and oxygen ensuring an extended shelf life for sensitive products.

This film conforms to EC 10/2011 directives, REACH specifications and US FDA regulations

  • Consistent and superior barrier properties to oxygen and water vapor, preserves flavor, taste and freshness.
  • Consumer-friendly packaging: glossy, long lasting look and feel
  • Safe: Higher flex crack resistance
  • Easily processable without loss of barrier properties