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The Ester Isotropic Polyester Film Type "IT" is a bi-axially oriented polyester film primarily used for lidding applications.

In the modern context, lidding plays an all-important role in not only protecting the product contents, but also in reinforcing the brand identity. The lid offers a product billboard that may be the most visible surface to the consumer, depending on how the product is displayed.

In a typical lidding structure, heat seal lacquer is applied on one side (non-metal side) of this film and the other side is laminated with the printed substrate.

This film is available in various versions viz. corona treated, chemical coated and/or with metallization. It is available in the thickness of 12 & 23 micron.

This film conforms to EC 10/2011 directives, REACH specifications and US FDA regulations for food contact application.

  • Excellent balanced mechanical properties
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Excellent flex crack resistance, superior gloss
  • Offers medium barrier