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Formable Film

Formable Film, a game-changing solution for versatile packaging needs. With its one-side corona-treated layer, it offers outstanding forming properties for both hot and cold applications, allowing it to be easily Formed into various shapes and dimensions.

Moreover, this film acts as a reliable barrier against moisture, gas, oxygen, and aroma, ensuring an extended shelf life for packed products. From pharmaceuticals and food and beverage packaging to FMCG and cosmetics, the Formable Film is the optimal choice for shallow draw Forming applications.

Choose from a range of thickness variants, from 14 to 55 microns, to meet your specific packaging requirements. Rest assured, this film is compliant with US FDA, EC, and REACH regulations, making it suitable for food contact applications. Upgrade your packaging with the Formable Film!

  • Presenting Transparent Formable film with one side corona treated layer
  • Outstanding forming properties for both Hot & Cold forming, could be Formed to various shapes and dimensions
  • Excellent mechanical properties conform with high puncture resistance
  • Good thermal, optical and surface properties with enhanced lamination & adhesion performance in printing
  • High retainability of obtained shape (less plastic memory)
  • Excellent barrier against moisture, gas, oxygen and aroma for an increased packed product shelf life
  • Retains strength and preserve product quality while enhancing safety
  • Excellent retention of mechanical properties after Forming
  • Super sealing properties retain strength, even at freezing temperatures
  • Also available with one side special heat sealable layer (co-extruded layer with special polymer) and other side corona treated surface to heat seal on itself as well as with substrates such as A- PET, C-PET even at low temperatures
  • Compliant with US FDA, EC and REACH regulations for food contact application

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