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Straight Tear PET Films (This film is available in transparent version (Type: EST))

Ester bi-axially oriented transparent  special grade PET film from Ester industries to provide solutions to flexible packaging requires linear tear ability.
The film is designed for an extremely elegant and modern version of the opening aid, which is always a concern while opening a package. No messy fingers, no spills from the bag and no matter whether it is used for foil envelopes, stand-up pouches, or gusset bags; with UmaPET-EST 100 you can always find easy and linear tear properties. This films omit the need of secondary laser scoring or perforation. The notch on the side ensures that the film always tears in linear and parallel direction. It could be provided with one side treatment (corona or chemical) for printing and adhesion. This film is also suitable for metalizing and lamination.
This film is available  in the thickness range of 12 micron.
This film complies with US FDA, EC & REACH regulation for food contact application.

  • Very Good linear tear.
  • Easy tear with very less force.
  • No need of any extra step of laser or mechanical scoring.
  • Easy opening with no partial or off-center tearing or tearing into the product.