Markets Served


In any industrial packing application, sturdiness is the key to success and sustainability. This is the reason why industrial packaging films are sturdier than food packaging films. Ester manufactures and supplies a vast range of materials for packaging and laminating industrial products and applications including thermal transfer (High Roughness film), cable insulation (Insulation Film), FRP/GRP (UV stabilised film), decorative, security blankets (Gold Film), balloon, textile yarn, pesticides, and cartons.

Ester manufactures highly customizable, functionality-centric and cost effective products that ensure that industrial clients gain a competitive edge. Our products extend a high level of protection to the products

We endeavour to clearly understand the dynamics of the packaging industry and are known for developing products that have set us apart from our competitors. In addition, our products are developed in such a way to ensure minimum or nil damage to the environment so as to pave the way for a green and sustainable future.