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Shrink Film (Type: EHS)

As consumers become more sophisticated and demand more convenient packaging with higher graphic and visual appeal, packaged consumer goods manufacturers diversify into brands and brand line extensions. Shrink sleeve labels offer packaging technologists, designers, and brand managers high quality aesthetics supporting brand image and recognition.

The ability to label complex geometries offered by the seamed, reverse-printed heat shrink sleeve labels is not possible in any other label type. The Ester Shrink Film can be processed as shrink sleeves which offer the following:

  • Full 360°, wrap around , head-to-toe body decoration creating a unique brand image
  • High quality graphics providing on-shelf product impact
  • Scuff and product resistance of print
  • Provide greatest area for additional information – nutritional, use, contents, safety, etc.
  • Wide range of special effects - matt, gloss, thermo chromic, metallic, pearlescent, fluorescent, etc.
  • Innovative and complex container geometries
  • Integrated tamper-evidence
  • Barrier protection for container and contents
  • Strengthening of container walls
  • Containment of breakages

The Ester shrink film offers high shrink rate, making it useful against most of the contoured surfaces. The product also offers excellent slip properties, antistatic characteristic, clarity, and gloss making highly suitable for reverse printing.

It is noteworthy that this product, (unlike PVC Shrink sleeves), is free from chlorine contamination, and is thus being increasingly preferred by environment conscious stakeholders (FMCG's and laminators) and markets.

This film is available in a thickness range of 40-50 microns.

This film conforms to EC directives, REACH specifications and US FDA regulations for food contact application.

  • Excellent scratch resistance – reduces the possible abrasion effects while handling & processing
  • Offers high transverse and low machine direction shrinkage at low temperature.
  • Print compatibility with all established printing processes
  • Possess better shrink initiation temperature for ease of storage and transportation condition after converting.