About us

Research & Development

The foundation of Ester stands firmly on the platform of Research & Development, Sustainability and Intellectual Property. This platform is contributing materially towards transforming Ester from a commodity to a technology player.

Ester's R&D efforts have succeeded in redefining its product portfolio with innovative, customer centric products and execute our operations more efficiently. There is a clear focus on building technological capabilities with an emphasis on continuous research based innovative product development.

Throughout the manufacturing process, innovative ideas are encouraged and introduced at various stages to minimize waste and maximize productivity by elevating the level of efficiency.

Protecting intellectual property is the mainstay of a successful business model which has Innovation and R&D at the core of its strategy. Ester has already filed 27 patent applications in the field of textile and packaging. 7 granted patents in countries like US, EU and IN add to the glory of Ester and proves that Ester is committed towards providing innovative customized products to their customers.

Ester is committed to building capability, either in-house or through strategic alliances to address dynamic customer requirements