The Esterian DNA Framework

DNA of a person defines what the person stands for and also his/her individuality. In corporate parlance, DNA can be defined as the binding agent that defines the characteristics of the organization and those of its employees.

The Esterian DNA is a set of critical ‘business focused’ behaviors that form the DNA of a ‘high performance’ work culture at Ester and drive each Esterian towards achieving the aggressive business targets. The behavioral competencies have been designed keeping in mind the key elements of Ester’s strategy and growth drivers i.e. “product innovation” and “cost leadership”.

All individuals at Ester are expected to understand and imbibe these behaviors.

The DNA comprises of three core behavioral competency clusters

  • Leading through results: These are competencies critical to be able to deliver on Ester’s growth promise.
  • Leading through self: These are competencies that each individual needs to possess within self to be able to deliver on the results.
  • Leading through others: These are competencies that enable all Esterians to work together effectively.

And a Leadership Competency cluster:

  • Leading through transformation:: TThese are the leadership competencies that senior leaders should possess to drive positive change within the organization.