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PCR Peelable Lidding PET Film

Ester’s Post consumer recycled Peelable Lidding PET Film, the ultimate solution for your packaging requirements. This innovative film offers a wide array of features that make it a standout choice. With up to 90% PCR content, it provides an environmentally friendly option for lidding solutions. This film is compliant with US FDA, EC, and REACH regulations for food contact applications, guaranteeing safety and reliability.

Additionally, it offers special anti-fog properties, creating a crystal-clear window without any fogging. Choose the metallised and printable layer option for increased toughness, lower density, reduced cost, and enhanced appearance compared to aluminum foil. Whether you're looking for an affordable alternative to aluminum foil packaging or a reliable lidding solution for various food items, PCR Peelable Lidding PET Film is the ideal choice. It is available in multiple thickness variants, ranging from 14 to 55 microns, to meet your specific packaging needs.

  • A wide variety of recycle ready lidding solutions with up to 90% PCR content
  • Transparent Sealable Peelable Polyester Film with Consumer-friendly peelability
  • Good impacts strength and Different peel strengths as per requirement
  • Instant seals with full seal strength within one hour of sealing with wide sealing temperature window and smooth peel characteristics
  • Excellent dimensional stability and transparency to enhance the appearance of freshness of the product
  • Excellent Universal seal- peel on Itself, A-PET, C-PET , PS, PVC and PP
  • Compliant with US FDA, EC and REACH regulations for food contact application
  • Available with special anti-fog properties that allows product to breathe without creating any fogging, creating a crystal clear window for product
  • Also available with metallised and printable layer for higher toughness and a lower density at a lower cost and better appearance than an aluminium foil

All the certifications or TDS of the products are available on request, Kindly Contact us