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PVDC coated film (Type: EPT101/EPT110)

The ester PVDC coated film type EPT101 is transparent polyester film with one side PVDC coated and other side plain film. This films provides oxyegn transmission rate (OTR) 8.0 CC/M2/DAY & Moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR) 6.0 gm/m2/day along with aroma barrier.
The film is available in thickness range of 14 to 25 micron. it is suitable for both solvent based as well as solvent less lamination. it also provides excellent dimensional stability.
The film is designed to use where see thourgh packaging and high barrier is required.
This grade film is complies with US FDA, EC and REACH regulations for food contact application.
  • Good OTR, MVTR & AROMA barrier.
  • Excellent clarity and transparency.
  • High flex crack resistance.
  • Offers high bond strength/adhesion.