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Post-Consumer Recycled film (Type: ER*)

The ester polyester film type ER* is series of PCR film which is innovative and sustainability solution to reduce the carbon footprint on the earth, provide solutions for waste management of plastics materials. PCR films is available in 30%, 60%, 70%, 90% & 100% PCR content.
The PCR film consist of wide variety ranging from different primer coating on side for better printability, ultra high barrier metalized film and heat seal ability property to meet the customer requirements. it exhibit the same performance specifications as compared to virgin PET films, offering high impact strength, tensile strength and extremly effective barrier properties against water and oxygen.
Since, these films are being manufactured by Chemical De-polymerization (Tertiary recycling), it is treated as purest route and are one of the cleanest PCR-PET films in the world. The EC/282/2008 regulation, explains, that this chemical recycling process is exempt from further tests and procedures that are normally required by the mechanically produced recycled materials.
As per US FDA “Guidance for Industry: Use of Recycled Plastics in Food Packaging (Chemistry Considerations)”, FDA no longer recommends that such recyclers submit challenge test data and other procedures for agency evaluation.
UmaPET PCR films are in accordance to US FDA, EC and REACH regulations for food contact application.

  • It posses good thermal, mechanical, optical and surface properties and can be comparable with film manufactured from virgin resin.
  • It provides excellent transparency and dimensional stability.
  • Provides sustainbility solution for plastics waste.