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Metallized Ultra High Barrier Polyester Film (Type: EB104IP)

EB104IP is a metallized polyester film developed for packaging applications demanding very high barrier performance and good metal adhesion. The high barrier protects the product throughout its targeted shelf time, whereas the high metal adhesion (650g / 25mm) ensures high lamination bond strength.

It has excellent mechanical properties, flex crack resistance and excellent gloss. It is a flexible and consumer-friendly packaging solution that has also replaced the traditional aluminum foil in the laminate as sandwich barrier layer for various packaging applications. It provides an excellent value proposition for applications where dead fold is not a requirement. Some applications where the traditional aluminum foil has been successfully replaced by the EB104IP are malt based drinks, juice powder, ketchup, coffee etc.

The Ester Metallised High Barrier Film can also be used effectively to optimize a 3 layer laminate (PET/MET PET/PE) to a 2 layer laminate (EB104IP / PE) with effective use of surface printing. This effectively reduces the cost of the laminate structure significantly. In addition, such a laminate structure is high on the sustainability quotient since the 2 layer structure uses much less plastic mass. An application where the traditional 3 layer structure has been successfully replaced by the EB104IP is hair oil.

The film is available in 12 micron thickness with three versions: 2.8 OD (EB104IP), 2.2 OD (EB104IPA) and 2.5 OD (EB104IPB).

  • Exceptional barrier properties to oxygen and water vapor, to preserve flavor, taste and freshness.
  • Higher flex crack resistance than aluminum foil, and hence, better performance than aluminum.
  • Environmentally friendly and cost competitive compared to aluminum foil packaging.
  • Easily process-able without loss of barrier properties.
  • Consumer-friendly packaging: glossy, long lasting look and feel.
  • Meets US FDA and EC regulatory requirements for food compliance.