Product Lines


Ester's Masterbatches are polymer concentrates which contain functional additives that enhance functioning of virgin or recycled materials by blending. Our Masterbatches are proof of technological excellence which is well supported by creative resources and unparalleled services.
They can be blended in minimal quantities as required with other materials like PET/ Recycled PET/ Poly Amides/Polypropylene etc. It is done so to improve characteristics of conventional materials mainly in Carpets, textile, and Technical Yarn industry.
The additive concentrates and performance solutions for plastics which we produce have made Ester a preferred supplier across the industry.
The unmatched quality and value of our product with an unsurpassed commitment towards environmental security and health, has made us the market leader.

Ester's key global Masterbatch brands:

  • Masterbatch for improved Stain Resistance and Dye-ability in Nylon (PA 6/ PA 66) – ESPET MB 03
  • Masterbatch for Cationic Dye-ability in PET/ RPET – ESPET MB 06/ ESPET MB16
  • Masterbatch for Improved Dye-ability in PET/ RPET – ESPET MB 07
  • Masterbatch for Flame Retardant characteristics – ESPET MB FR