Product Lines

Ester Technical Yarn

In today's evolving industrial landscape, polyester filament yarn is an excellent choice among industrialists and has been largely used in a wide range of applications. These applications include narrow and broad fabrics, cordage and netting, slings, hoses, reinforcements, mechanical rubber goods, geotextiles and industrial sewing threads.

Ester is a global supplier of PET polymer for technical yarns that are of superior quality. Our portfolio is comprised of a wide variety of polyester chips for yarns grades that are truly marvelous in terms of quality.

We provide PET polymer chips for making yarns having excellent strength, high tenacity, high modulus, and good processability. Such polyester yarns are further used in the manufacturing of various industrial and consumer products such as tyre cords, fishing nets, automotive carpets.. We ensure highest level of customer's satisfaction by ensuring the quality in our product ranges, quality checks, and overall experience. This is what gives us a leading edge in today's competitive market place.

To meet the rising demand of polyester for filament yarn across the globe, we always go that extra mile to deliver quality product at the competitive rates in the industry. We employ best-in-class technology to keep our promise of great service to our customers in every possible way.

Ester has developed PET for high tenacity and high modulus yarns, PETN for super high tenacity yarns, PEN for tyre cord, PET for automotive carpets, and various other grades with low melt viscosity.