Product Lines

Specialty Polymers

The global polyester (PET) business comprising of Textile, Industrial yarn & Carpets, Rigid packaging and Flexible packaging is in excess of 67 million tons per year (MTPA). The Textile and Rigid packaging form the largest component of this total volume standing at 30 & 28 MTPA respectively. The total PET resin market is growing at an annual rate of ~7.5%. Moreover, there is a significant potential of unmet demand for performance PET polymers in all the above mentioned application areas.

Specialty polymers meet the growing demand of industries that require these high performance materials for bonding, encapsulation, coating, additives, compounding for suitable applications across various sectors such as textile, packaging, carpet, food and beverages, aerospace, automotive, and electronics.

Ester has developed more than a dozen proprietary products protected by strong patent portfolio across the world. Our polyester resins are customized based on customer's requirement. We through a mix of intensive R&D, Product development and Production quality, are committed to provide a sustainable & cost effective solution to our esteemed customers.

Ester aims at developing various new and innovative specialty polyester grades in near future for textile, packaging, carpet and beverage, and automotive industries. Ester deploys state-of-the-art technology and best talent to develop high quality specialty polyesters to ensure competitive advantage for its customers.

Manufacturing Facility

Ester's specialty polyester business is engaged in manufacturing of polyester chips of normal and Masterbatch grades for several years. Our manufacturing plant located at Khatima, in the state of Uttarakhand, India has a production capacity of about 47,000 MTPA. Ester's unique manufacturing set-up allows for numerous customization opportunities (in product and quantity terms) to meet the client needs. The set-up comprises of

  • 3 Poly-melt batch lines and
  • 3 SSP lines (2 more are being added)
  • Pilot plant facility for new product development and quick R&D trials

We also have a state-of-of the art laboratory and good quality management system.

Ester has the capability to produce and timely delivery of all types of polyesters based on product specification mutually agreed between Ester and its customers.