Life @ Ester

A work culture that provides genuinely equal opportunities for all, a sense of team spirit that goes right down to the last person in the organization and a feeling of unity that binds together all employees across functions and hierarchy as a collective force- Ester provides an extraordinary workplace to work and excel.

Employees at Ester (Esterians as we address them) are flexible, resilient and responsive. They not only stay passionate about their job, their zeal drives them to take initiative, be creative and remain alert for new opportunities.

‘Employee connect’ and ‘Employee care’ are the two inseparable pillars of life @Ester.

Employee Connect

At Ester we celebrate successes, joys and festive mood of our employees through employee connect programs which become an opportune platform to share personal and professional experiences with colleagues.

The employee connect programs are executed to foster objective, participative, nurturing, winning and a rewarding work culture. Various communication channels such as Esternet, Ester Times, Voice of Employee, Employee Engagement survey, Open House, Town halls etc. are extensively used to foster a culture of seamless and open communication.

Employee Care

Employee-care programs are regular engagements that we drive, formally and informally, to help our employees maintain a healthy life. The leadership at Ester is committed to maintain a work environment that promotes physical, emotional and mental well-being of all its employees.

Various policies and facilities such as Medical and Term Insurance, Flexi Hours, Gymnasium, health center, Yoga Centre, Volley Ball court, ergonomically designed workspaces etc. have been established to uphold employees’ wellbeing.

We continuously keep on reviewing our existing facilities, welfare programs & policies for up gradation and new additions.