Product Lines

Recycled Polyester resin

  • Environmental Responsibility:
  • Contribute to circular economy by choosing our 100% Recycled PET
  • Reduce carbon footprint & reliance on fossil fuels
  • Unmatched Quality:
  • Matches the quality & properties of virgin PET.
  • Employs series of filtrations to ensure polymer cleanliness to get good process ability
  • Compliance with Regulations:
  • Fully compliant with IS 9845 regulations
  • Recyclable under SPI code no.1
  • Versatility:
  • Usage across multiple industries like packaging, textiles, automotive, and more.
  • Compatibility with existing processes ensures seamless integration into existing production line.
  • Customisation possible based on the end use requirement

All the certifications or TDS of the products are available on request, Kindly Contact us