Product Lines

Textile Application

Globally polyester consumption has grown consistently in producing garments, home furnishings and industrial parts. Considering consumer's rationality, across the industry only those polyesters are increasingly used in these products which promise better result than the conventional materials. There has been growing need in modifying polyester to provide comfort and convenience. Ester has successfully meeting the industry demand.

By polymerizing conventional monomers with specialty additives that imbibe essential and important properties of the PET resin, Polyesters & Co-polyesters as specialty polymers are manufactured by Ester industries. These are named after ESPET and ESCOPET with their respective codes.

Later on ESPET or ESCOPET resins are processed through solid state polycondensation (SSP) technology if required, and it is guaranteed that the characteristics of polymer remain the same by making additions to the molecular weight.

Ester develops customized grades depending on the need and application. It is hard to match or duplicate the standard of our product, that's why Ester's textile grade PET resins are exceptionally superior in the textile industry.

Specialty polyesters developed by Ester

  • PET for Improved Resiliency in Carpets– ESPET E 03 A
  • PET for Flame retardant Applications – ESPET FR 03
  • PET for Cationic Dyeable Applications – ESPET CDP 04
  • PET for Easy Dyeable Applications – ESPET E 01
  • PET for Low Pill Fiber – ESPET LP
  • PET for Monofilaments – ESPET 08
  • PET for Low Melt Applications – ESCOPET 03
  • PET for High tenacity Applications – ESPET 14