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Ester Industries Ltd manufactures and markets Poly Amides (PA6) based compounds, one of the frequently used engineering plastics products, under the brand name of ESTOPLAST – XU.

For those applications which require chemical and temperature resistance along with high mechanical properties, PA6 becomes one of the most sought after engineering plastics produced by Ester. PA6 is known for its classy finish as well.

Apart from offering design flexibility, these light weight products also offer functional integration. These elements make it a first choice for the designers. ESTOPLAST - XU grades are available in multiple colors. We also offer tailor made grades as per customer specific needs/requirements.

This engineering plastic remains in high demand because of its various features like unique combination of strength, chemical resistance, toughness and high temperature stability.

PA6 provides reliable, cost effective components for automotive, electrical/electronic, and various other industrial and consumer products. The ease of processing by injection molding or extrusion is another noticeable feature of PA6.

  • High Mechanical strength
  • Excellent balance of stiffness/toughness
  • Excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent fatigue resistance,
  • Good high temperature performance
  • Good electrical and flammability properties