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Ester Industries Ltd manufactures Polycarbonate (PC) based compounds and markets it under the brand name 'ESTOPLAST –ZK'.

Polycarbonate resin is typically an amorphous engineering thermoplastic which is distinguished by its high levels of mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal properties.

Polycarbonate compounds are a preferred choice for many applications across industries. Backed by their excellent high impact resistance property (over 200 times for equivalent thickness of glass and 30 times to that of Acrylic), polycarbonate plastics enable enhanced safety and optimum comfort for applications where reliability and high performance and prerequisites.

Besides their high performance characteristics, polycarbonate plastics possess high temperature range for sustained use (-50 to +120°C) which performs thermally stable. In addition, the intrinsic impact resistance property of polycarbonate makes it an excellent material which neither fractures nor splinters.

Their durable strength, impressive impact resistance and extremely high light transmission (up to 90%) make solid polycarbonate sheet one of the most versatile glazing materials available. Solid polycarbonate is approximately half the weight of plate glass.

  • High Impact Strength
  • Inherent "water-like" transparency
  • High Heat Resistance
  • Better long term heat ageing
  • Excellent balance of stiffness/toughness
  • Excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Dimensional stability at elevated temperatures
  • Self Extinguish characteristics
  • High Impact strength even at low temperature